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  • Can I get digital files for physical purchases from Local Game Stores?
    Yes! Please contact us with an image of your receipt or other proof of purchase.
  • Why aren't you on Drive Through RPG, or other distribution channels?
    For the time being we are trying to establish a 1-1 relationship with out customers as often as possible. Our team does an immense amount of work and dedicates lots of their time and creative energy to create the best products they can, distributors often take a large amount of that profit to provide mostly the same service we can here. We believe in aligning our actions with our principles and choosing not to participate in systems that take more than a fair share of creators hard work. That said, we are looking into solutions for you to be able to have our works in your existing digital libraries - we do understand that can be an important value for you. Ideally we can accomplish this without taking unreasonable losses or passing that cost on to you. The same is true for physical distribution at this time, which is even more costly. In some cases like we believe in their open revenue sharing model and policy to not take advantage of creators. We choose to offer the option to have their fees covered if you'd like to support them as well or have our products in their library system. However, we love to support local game stores and to have a direct relationship with them which helps both of us keep more sustainable shares. If you are an LGS you can let us know by checking that box in our sign up process or contacting us directly.
  • How do I access my digital files with physical purchases?
    An email will be sent with every physical purchase that contains a code to get those digital files for free. You will have to place a new order and use the discount code. This is clunky, we know... Currently the webstore service we use isn't capable of doing this more efficiently, however, many users have put in requests for better systems. This is also the best available way for us to make sure you can re-download files in the future.
  • Why are some of your books so weird or hard to read?
    We want to make projects that are unique, different, and take risks. That sometimes means the experience isn't for everyone. We do spend a lot of effort making sure those are well thought out and purposeful. We do like to know what things are and aren't working for you though, so always feel free to let us know your thoughts.
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