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As an age of war came to an end and an era of peace among the people of Japan began, interest in investigating the world of the supernatural peaked. The Tokogawa Shogunate created the Yokai Bureau.

Many people now seek out and address Yokai activity for profit, power, pride, or principle.


Yokai Tales is an investigation role playing game with mechanics that promote narrative storytelling, dramatic situations, character growth and depth in an elegant rules set. Players will track down Yokai (Paranormal activite) for the Tokogawa Shogunate, one of the other factions seeking knowledge, power, or money from Yokai or their own personal reasons. 

We are currently in development and planning to release on Crowd Funding sometime soon. If you'd like to get email updates on the book's release progress sign up above!

We are also honored to feature the work of the talented artist Nogi-San! You can check out more of her work on her page Nogi Art Shop

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